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Company Profile:

>Epsilon AI is a leading technology firm specializing in cutting-edge AI solutions. Our mission is to revolutionize industries through the seamless integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning. With a dedicated team of experts and a commitment to innovation, we aim to create transformative opportunities for businesses worldwide.

>At Epsilon AI, we have a proven track record of delivering innovative AI solutions that drive business growth and efficiency. With over a decade of experience in the AI industry, our company has successfully partnered with leading businesses and academic institutions to implement AI technologies that have streamlined operations, improved decision-making processes, and unlocked new opportunities for growth. Our portfolio includes successful collaborations with Various companies, prominent academic institutions, and dynamic startups, showcasing our ability to tailor AI solutions to meet the specific needs of our diverse clientele.

Key Offerings:

>Custom AI Solutions: We offer customized AI solutions tailored to specific business needs, enabling our clients to harness the power of AI to optimize processes and enhance decision-making capabilities.

>AI Integration Services: Our team of experts specializes in seamless AI integration, ensuring a smooth transition and implementation process for businesses seeking to leverage AI technologies.

>AI Training Programs: We provide comprehensive AI training programs for academic institutions and businesses looking to upskill their workforce and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

>AI Talent Acquisition: Leveraging our extensive network, we assist AI companies in sourcing top AI talent, facilitating the recruitment process, and ensuring the right fit for their specific requirements.

Job Description:

>As an AI Business Development Associate, you will play a pivotal role in driving strategic partnerships and fostering collaborations within the AI industry. Your primary responsibility will be to identify and cultivate relationships with both internal and external stakeholders, including AI companies, businesses that can benefit from AI integration, and academic institutions seeking AI training solutions. Additionally, you will be responsible for assisting AI companies in sourcing top AI talent.

Key Responsibilities:

>Identify and engage with potential partners, including AI companies, businesses that can benefit from AI technologies, and academic institutions seeking AI training solutions.

>Build and maintain strong relationships with key decision-makers and stakeholders to foster strategic partnerships and collaboration.

>Conduct market research to identify potential business opportunities and develop strategies to leverage AI solutions for business development.

>Collaborate with the internal team to understand the technical aspects of the AI solutions offered and effectively communicate their benefits to potential partners.

>Assist AI companies in recruiting top AI talent by understanding their specific needs and leveraging our network to source qualified candidates.

>Coordinate client visits and prepare presentations to showcase our AI solutions

>Assist in market research to identify potential business opportunities

>Collaborate with the marketing team to promote AI solutions and services.


>Bachelor?s degree in Business, Computer Science, or a related field. A Master?s degree is a plus

>Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to build and maintain strong relationships with diverse stakeholders.

>Strong technical understanding of AI and machine learning technologies and their applications in various industries.

>Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with a keen understanding of market trends and business opportunities in the AI sector.

>Ability to work effectively in a team.

>A proven track record in sales, business development, or partnership management, preferably in the AI or technology sector is a plus


>This position is based at our headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, with occasionally required client visits and potential opportunities for remote work.


>If you are eager to kick-start your career in AI business development and are passionate about contributing to the growth of a leading technology firm, please submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your relevant experience and why you believe you are the ideal candidate for this role.

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